(these apply to all our online exhibitions)

1 - Who can enter

If you are a member of the Linocut Printmakers Group you are eligible (and strongly encouraged) to submit your work. You can be new to printmaking, or as experienced as it’s possible to be - we don’t mind, and nor does anyone else… our aim is to showcase the work of the membership as a whole

If you are not already a member of the group please come and join us!

2 - Exhibition theme

The theme of the upcoming exhibition is announed on the discussion page of the Facebook Group - Linocut Printmakers 

You can choose to make a very clear and obvious, or a tenuous, connection to the exhibition’s theme. If your interpretation is particularly subtle, we advise that you add a note of explanation when you make your submission (this is to help avoid off-topic submissions!)

Your submission MUST be an image of an actual lino print - not a concept image - it has to be the real thing - so the work MUST have been made primarily with lino (wood cut prints WON’T be selected!)

3 - Selection

It is our intention to include ALL submitted work, as long as your submission complies with these guidelines

Don’t forget, this is a digital exhibition… as much as we would love to own a copy of your print, we only need a digital version of it!

4 - Quantity

We limit the number of submissions to one per member (if a single submission comprises more than one element - if, for example, it is a triptych comprising three panels, it will count as a single submission - but please note that, on submission, all elements must be included in a single image file

5 - When and where to submit your work

The deadline for submissions is announced on the groups' Facebook page. We run our open call exhibitions three to four times a year

Submissions must be emailed to:

6 - Currency of work

We would prefer to see work produced within the 12 month preriod preceding the submission deadline, but we’re flexible…

7 - Preparing your work for submission

When the time comes, please submit a single JPG image

JPG files should be no larger than 1.5 Mgb (experiment with image save settings to achieve this)

JPG image dimensions - longest edge: up to 2000 pixels - 72dpi is all that is needed for online display - note: there is no limit on the actual size of your print - the 2000 pixels applies to the JPG image

Image filename - this is important… please ensure that your submitted image filename contains NO spaces or non-standard characters - you can use underscores or dashes in place of spaces - and please include your name at the start of the image, e.g.:

  • this is BAD: your name my latest print.jpg 
  • this is GOOD: your_name_my_latest_print.jpg

Additional information to be supplied in relation to each submitted print:

  • Your full name (required)
  • The title of your print (required)
  • The dimensions of the printed image in millimetres (required)
  • The approximate date on which the print was made (required)
  • Up to 25 words describing the print (optional)
  • The edition size (required)
  • The number of prints from the edition that are available for sale at the start of the exhibition (optional)
  • The price of the print if it is available for purchase at the time of the exhibition (if anyone is interested in buying your print, they will be asked to find you in the Group membership list so that they can direct message you)
  • explanation of the relationship between your printed image and the exhibition theme (optional)

Here is an example of our preferred formatting - if you can write your notes like this it will be a big help to us (note that there are NO line breaks!):

Your Name - Print Title - 10x10cm - July 2022 - Here is the description - Edition: 10 - For sale: 9 - £10 (UK pounds) plus P&P 

8 - Where you will be be seen

After the deadline, the exhibition will go live at our gallery website (which you can visit today to view previous exhibitions):

9 - Questions and queries

Please post questions on the groups' discussion page, or contact the group admins